WoW Addiction

August 26, 2006

As I mentioned below like many others I am attempting to manage a WoW addiction :). At the moment I am half way through level 33 with my Warlock (Skilgannon, if you are on SteamWheedleCartel give me a whisper). I will occasionally post what level I am on, if you think that I am doing too much leveling and not enough coding you can let me know.


Source Code

August 26, 2006

Rather convinently not long after I started doing this Google released so I am going to use it to store any code I develop during this project.

You can find my repository at

Second Post… Oh yeah.

August 26, 2006

I forgot to mention that I have made a start, a small one anyway. I have begun work on a game engine for Tic Tac Toe. Lame I know but I figured was as good a place to start as any. My intention is to have links to any work that I do, so if you are interested it will be downloadable.

Some History

August 26, 2006

I have always been interested in computers (what man isn’t) and I had a fasination with developing one myself. I spent many hours of my teens locked away in my bedroom using AMOS (an old game development tool for the amiga) trying to create games. To be honest they never got very far, partly lack of knowledge and partly because I rarely finish anything (My wife will agree with the last one, I have a 1001 unfinished odd jobs in our house).

My hope is that if I create a blog and try to track my progress it might focus my mind and help me see this through to the end. I have tried on and off for years to get back into game development but one thing or another has always distracted me. Right now that thing is World of Warcraft, it will be difficult but I will try and share myself between them. Oh, and I guess I should spend sometime with my wife too.

As a bit of background, I do have some idea on how a game should be written, I have been working as a computer programmer for over 10 years now. Damn I am getting old.

Well, that is it for the first post, not sure how I feel about this writing for the whole world to see but I give it a go.

Talk to you again soon.


This is just a quick test to check that everything is OK, I moved this blog from because I couldn’t get LiveWriter to work properly with it. Google and Microsoft, when are they ever going to play nice.

Anyway I will move the post that I put on the original one over in a little while. There wasn’t very many so it shouldn’t take long. 🙂