October 11, 2006

There have been a ton of really cool XNA Framework demos releases recently, and it got me thinking. I maybe need an interim step between Tic-Tac-Toe and SuperCars III

Enter TankWarz.

TankWarz is going to be based on a flash game that I developed a few years ago. The flash game was infact a new version of a BBC (most people reading this probably won’t even know what a BBC was) game that I played when I was a kid. Basically it involved having up to 4 people controling tanks that fired guided missles. Not very advanced but we spent hours on it. You could configure whether a hideout was displayed, the number of trees that got displayed and things like that.

If anyone is interested the flash version can be found here. The controls are;

Player 1

Q = Forward

A = Backwards

Z = Spin Left

X = Spin Right

C = Fire

Player 2

Up Arrow Key = Forward

Down Arrow Key = Backwards

Left Arrow Key = Spin Left

Right Arrow Key = Spin Right

Right Shift Key = Fire


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